Fight Inflammation with Black Cumin Seed

A University of Maryland study concluded that the natural seed ingredients in Rain International’s Soul decreases inflammation 281 times more effectively than aspirin according to a 2013 study.

Rain Soul is catching fire in the East, and I know a thing or two about Asian markets… my name is Brandon and I’ve been an entrepreneur working in overseas markets as an online professional for the past 10 years (My LinkedIn Profile).

Rain International Soul

Rain International Soul

And believe me, Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and Japan are the leaders in nutritional supplemental products and they happen to be the exact markets Soul by Rain International is taking by storm because of it’s ability to stop pain by lowering inflammation.

I was hesitant at first to get involved with Rain International because it employed a different marketing structure than what I was used to… I go into it on my blog here, but any company performing this well in the Asian markets will perk my interest immediately!

Seeds: The Recent Major Break-Through in Natural Health Sciences

My professional life has lead me towards a passion for natural health.  I’m not a proponent of the medical model and strongly believe that we are unhealthy as a people because we do not understand how to practice “preventive medicine” and our doctors are only trained in “responsive medicine” (basically auto mechanics).

There are lots of misconceptions on the right way to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs in order to rebuild cells properly… it’s downright confusing!

The biggest truth I discovered in my journey is that vitamins in their “natural state” are the most beneficial to the body.

I mean, I have spent years at the local health store trying to comprehend the aisles of supplements and what my body really needed and at what amount!  I discovered that just because you take a certain supplement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is able absorb it and “quench the thirst” of a starving body… So how are we to give our body, with it’s specific individual needs, what it wants?

Another thing….since our soil has become depleted of essential nutrients due to  massive destruction of proper farming practices, to get the nutrients we would need we would have to eat like 50 bananas, 20 artichokes, and 3 pounds of lettuce to get the large amounts of naturally occurring vitamins that our body is starving for.  Rain International has simplified it for us by going after the seed.  Seeds are 20 times more potent than the fruit it represents gram for gram.

So thanks to Rain International our bodies can receive the nutrition it used to get from our food and in a form that our body is looking for.


Black Cumin: The Seed Mentioned in the Bible and the Quran

There are several seeds that go into the Rain International Soul proprietary blend, but the backbone of the formulation is the black cumin seed that has a history of over 2500 years being considered one of the greatest healing herbs of all time.

The great prophet Isaiah speaks of the black cumin seed in the Old Testament and the Prophet Muhammed is believed to have said:

“In the black seed is healing for every disease except death” (Sahih Bukhari)

So it’s obvious why members of Islam are becoming a big part of Rain International’s overseas success.

Fat Malabsorption: The Hidden Epidemic affecting 1 in 3 Americans

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and Fatty vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E and K) are difficult for a compromised body to absorb in what is called fat malabsorption.  With fat malabsorption your body will hoard fats, increasing the demands on your heart ( increasing blood pressure), and further deteriorate your body’s digestive system.

Fatty acids are ESPECIALLY important for women to absorb properly or else a variety of health problems will ensue.

Rain Soul’s cold-pressed seeds give you the essential fatty acids and 8 forms of Vitamin E in a combination your body can absorb; in a body that is starving for EFA’s it is like finally being able to “take a drink”.

Rain International is Just Launching in the United States

There are other beneficial seed components included in Rain Soul, such as Ribose which is found in every cell of the body and increases muscle function recovery, athletic performance, and effectiveness of creatine, etc.

But the bottom line is people are finding relief for whatever is happening in their body which is leading to phenomenal Rain Soul Testimonials.  The quality of the product is what is going to insure it’s success here in the United States; which is by far the sickest, most obese, vitamin-starved nations in the world.

ORAC is a standard for evaluating the natural benefits of a product.   Because of the powered concentration of Rain Soul’s seed product it’s ORAC score is off the charts:

Rain International Soul ORAC Score

Rain International Soul ORAC Score

So this powerful product is catching on here in the United States…

“The home business ‘juice wars’ produced more millionaires than ever.  Yet the true health secret is not in the fruit, but in the seed!  RAIN is the first and ONLY company to extract the powerhouse of the seed into every liquid supplement. We are about to start the next great home business trend that makes even more millionaires than before. “

Mikhail Livshitz Rain International distributor

The Time is NOW to Get Involved

So I am putting together a team in order to use my internet marketing skills to it’s fullest.  I have the ability to drive leads from my internet marketing background and I am looking for people that are successful in handling these leads (instead of being thrown out on their own to drum up business from only family and friends).

This is a major advantage of working with me along with the fact that Rain International is opening new foreign markets that I have experience in  ie:  Brazil in particular is one that will be opening in 2014 that I need help to manage.

So let’s talk.  Fill in the form below and let’s get in contact about how we can work with each other to form a win/win situation.

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P.S. – This is a great introduction video Rain International put together…

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